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If you’re looking for comprehensive insurance protection at the lowest possible rates, you need the assistance of a licensed Gifford Carr Insurance Broker.

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There’s a stark difference between insurance companies and insurance brokers. Insurance companies only offer their own policies, whereas brokerages are not tied to any specific insurance company or policy. Our brokerage has access to all of the policies and plans offered from the top-rated insurance companies across Canada. As independent, licensed insurance brokers, we are fully committed to finding you the right insurance solution at the best rate.

Our Brockville insurance broker team has helped thousands of individuals across the region get the coverage they need for their most valuable assets. Whether you need home insurance, car insurance or business insurance, our expert team is here to provide you with the help, support and advice for all your insurance needs.

Personal Insurance Brockville

It’s important that you have the right amount of protection for your assets. If you have less than you need, you could risk paying out of pocket for any losses that you incur. If you have too much, you’re spending money on insurance that you don’t need. Get customized coverage that perfectly suits your needs for all of your prized and valuable assets. Our insurance team makes it quick and easy to get the best insurance rates and most comprehensive plans for your home, rental unit, car, motorcycle, snowmobile, and more. We’ll even bundle your home and car insurance policies together when possible to save you hundreds of dollars every month.

Business Insurance Brockville

Do you have the coverages in place to protect your business from a cyber-attack? What about theft or a fire or flood? Even if you have a plan that covers the most common risks, do you have enough coverage to avoid paying out of pocket? Every business has its own unique risk profile, which is why a cookie-cutter insurance solution won’t give you all the coverage you need. To ensure your business never loses money over an avoidable risk, contact our team at Gifford Carr Insurance and we’ll do a full audit on your current insurance policy to make sure you are fully protected.

At Gifford Carr Insurance our goal is to help you save more on insurance! Contact our dedicated personal and business insurance brokers to take advantage of the best rates and plans available for your needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance companies do you work with?
We work with all of the top Canadian insurance companies. This ensures we have access to the right products for all our clients.

Do I need to pay you a fee for your services?
No. Insurance brokers don’t get paid by their clients, they get paid by insurance companies.

How much coverage should I have for personal property?
We recommend having enough insurance to cover all the items you have. Start by doing a personal inventory of your belongings to determine the approximate value. This should include items such as electronics, furniture, laptops or computers, clothing, jewelry, collectible items, and any other belongings that are of value.

Should I get tenant insurance in Brockville?
This will depend on your individual situation. For those who have permanently moved out of their parents’ and are living independently, you will need to get tenant insurance. For those who are renting on a temporary basis for school, you will be covered under your parents’ insurance policy.

How much insurance do I need for my car?
When buying or leasing a vehicle as an Ontario driver, you’re required to have the following coverage: Third-Party Liability, Accident Benefits, Direct Compensation Property Damage, and Uninsured Automobile Coverage. It’s best to talk to a broker to discover your individual needs.

Does my location impact my car insurance?
Yes, where you live will help determine your car insurance rates. Urban locations generally have higher premiums in comparison to suburban locations. This is due to higher volumes of traffic, population and the fact that vehicles are generally at greater risk of vandalism and theft.

If someone else uses my car, will they be covered under my insurance?
If the person borrowing your vehicle has a valid driver’s license, then yes, they will be covered under your insurance policy. Your insurance is responsible for bodily injury and any property damage, even if you are not driving.

What type of insurance do I need to protect my small business?
This will depend on the type of business you operate. Insurance needs will vary by the industry, size of the business, location, and more. To determine what your business needs, reach out to us today to speak with one of our brokers.

Does my Brockville home insurance cover my home-based business?
No, your home insurance will not extend to business related coverage at home. You’ll need to speak will a broker to get separate insurance coverage for your home-based business needs. This may include general liability and business property insurance. Contact us to learn more today.

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        Complete the form to connect with your local Gifford Carr broker to get a detailed quote. Trust us to ensure you are protected. So you can focus on what matters.