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Car Garage Insurance

Car Garage Insurance

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If you own a garage or motor vehicle service centre, there are a number of insurance categories you may want to consider. Among them are hoist collision insurance, master key coverage and liability insurance. We will examine your car garage insurance situation and find the package best suited to your individual needs.


Can we cover owned vehicles on the garage policies?

Yes, we can cover owned vehicles that are registered in the company name or we can cover any of the owner’s vehicles, we would just need to add the owner’s name to the policy.

Can I insure loaner vehicles under your program?

Yes, we can cover any loaner vehicles you would like to add.

Can we cover our tow truck?

We can cover all tow trucks that are being used in conjunction with the garage.

Can we sell vehicles under the program?

The program allows for the sale of vehicles. You need to be licensed with OMVIC and give us the number of dealer plates you have.

Are employee tools covered under the program?

There is a very small limit for employee tools, under all policies the employee tool limits are usually too low, leaving your employee tools at risk. We will survey your employees and come to an amount to cover the exposure.

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