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Fleet Insurance

Fleet Insurance

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If you or your business own and/or lease multiple vehicles, fleet insurance allows you to cover those vehicles under one comprehensive policy. This insurance may include driver protection, protection for cargo, roadside assistance, and temporary vehicle replacement, just to name a few.


How long have you been specializing in Transportation and Fleet insurance?

There is a lot more to quoting a Tractor Trailer, Dump Truck, Specialty Equipped Truck or School Bus compared to a regular car. Your Broker needs to understand the risks you face and coverages you need to guard your livelihood. An experienced broker can make a big difference in your business. Our team of Transportation Specialists have over 20 years’ experience in Transportation and Fleet Insurance and are actively involved with the National Capital Heavy Construction Association, Landscape Ontario and Ottawa Construction Association.

What are the main factors driving my premium?

Insurance companies base your premium on several factors including your age, driving record, radius of operation, years of verifiable experience, what you are hauling, age of equipment, your previous claims experience, and CVOR (Ontario) to name a few. With so many variables and so many insurance companies rating individual operations differently, it’s important to find the best priced policy and needed coverages for you and have the correct fillings done if required, if your operation extends to the United States.

Motor Truck Cargo Coverage and Reefer Breakdown?

Different types of cargo—grain, lumber, dairy, produce, steel, hazmat, sand and gravel, etc.  —each possess different risks. Your transportation insurance broker should understand exactly what you are hauling and offer a broad form Motor Truck Cargo to cover you when necessary. If you don’t have a broad form cargo policy, you should know exactly what loss scenarios are not covered. Reefer Breakdown coverage is also required if you are transporting fresh food, meats, dairy, etc. with a refrigerated truck and/or trailer.

What are your payment plan options?

We offer multiple payment plans options that can be customized to your operation. A down payment with monthly installments is certainly the most popular and you should contact one of our brokers to inquire about the different payment options you can choose from.

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