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At Gifford Carr Insurance, we offer insurance policies that are tailored to your needs. We can provide you with the complete coverage you need for your family, car, home, business, and more.

Our Insurance Brokerage serves North Bay, but has access to all of the policies and plans offered across Canada. This gives us access to the most reputable insurance companies and a wide range of plans and solutions. And the more choice we have, the better. When you work with our team of insurance brokers, you’ll never be offered a one product fits all solution. Instead, our dedicated team of licensed agents will find you an insurance solution that is catered to all of your unique needs.

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Personal Insurance North Bay

Get the complete protection you need for all your treasured assets and belongings. Our team of insurance brokers are ready to find you an insurance policy that meets both your short term and long term goals. From your homecar or rental unit, and even your snowmobile and motorcycle, we’ll set you up with the correct insurance coverage to protect everything you own.

Business Insurance North Bay

You’ve worked hard to make your business a success. Let us help you protect your investment with a tailored business insurance policy. We will find the one that suits your exact business type and needs. We can also arrange coverage for all your equipment, commercial vehicles, products, employees, and contractors. It doesn’t matter if you own or lease here in North Bay or travel across borders, our team is dedicated to finding you a comprehensive insurance policy that will protect you from errors, damage, liability, theft, vandalism, fraud, lawsuits and any business interruptions that could put your future in jeopardy.

Here at Gifford Carr, our team of insurance brokers is here to find the personal or business insurance policy that will allow you live worry-free. For decades, we’ve been working with families across Ontario to match them with the best insurance rates available on the market.

Let us help you get the rates and coverage you need to protect everything you love. Click on the button below to request a quote from one of our brokers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the purpose of an insurance broker?
An insurance broker works with you to pinpoint the potential insurable risks you may encounter and provides you with the advice and products that will protect you against those risks. Brokers do not work for insurance companies – they are independent and work for their clients. They will help you select the best solution based on your needs and budget. They’ll also help you submit a claim, make any changes to your policies when needed, and act as the liaison between you and the insurer to make sure that everything gets resolved properly.

Why should I choose a North Bay insurance broker over an insurance agent?
Insurance agents don’t work independently from insurance providers – they represent one of a few, so they will only offer products directly from those companies. This prevents clients from getting access to a broad range of other products that may be better suited and more cost-effective. An insurance broker specializes in insurance protection, is highly knowledgeable about the insurance market and works for you rather than the insurance companies. Brokers are obliged to act in the best interest of their clients at all times.

How do I submit an insurance claim?
All insurance claims are different. If you need to submit a claim, contact us directly so we can inform and assist you with each step of the process.

Am I responsible for water damage in my apartment?
If water from your dishwasher or washing machine leaks and seeps into the unit below, you will be responsible by law for the damage caused. We recommend that all renters get tenant insurance including liability coverage to ensure that you aren’t stuck covering these costs out of pocket.[

What should my North Bay home insurance include?
All North Bay home insurance policies should include guaranteed replacement cost, which takes into account how much it would cost to rebuild your home completely in the event of a disaster.

How do I get North Bay business insurance?
Just get in touch with us! Our team of brokers will help you figure out exactly what your business needs based on your specific industry, and how you can get the best protection for the best rate.

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        Complete the form to connect with your local Gifford Carr broker to get a detailed quote. Trust us to ensure you are protected. So you can focus on what matters.