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At Gifford Carr, we are passionate advocates for our clients – many of whom have been with us for decades. This means dedicating ourselves to understanding the unique and individual insurance needs of each client.
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Whether commercial or personal, we help our clients find the insurance solution that will work best for them.
As an independent insurance broker that is licensed across Canada, we are free from the constraints and self-interests of a large corporation, and have access to countless policies and plans, nationwide. This not only means incredible freedom of choice, but perhaps more importantly, it allows us to work with your best interests in mind.

When all is said and done, we want you to feel that no matter what life throws your way, you’re well taken care of – by your insurance plan and Gifford Carr.

If you have a need for any of the following types of insurance, give us a call or send us an email. We’d be happy to discuss your situation and help find the best plan for you.

“I have been a client of Gifford Carr since 1986, and I’ve always received the best service from them. In recent years, I’ve had some misfortunes; however, Shannon Lancaster was very informative and helpful each time. He was prompt and knowledgeable, and made my claims much easier. Thank you for the great service!”

Jonathan Balmaceda

“Gifford Carr has always treated us fairly and professionally. Most recently, Shannon Lancaster was very helpful when we began the process of looking for a second car. He advised us at every stage, from the types of cars and approximate insurance rates for each, to the most suitable coverage for our family. He dealt with the numerous emails and phone calls with great patience, and helped make the entire process a smooth one.”

Gerry Buffett

“Thank you again for all your great help with setting up the insurance for my car! It’s been driving like a dream, and I couldn’t be happier with your service and professionalism!”

Chris Kelly

'Our business has been a Gifford Carr client for decades. And there's good reason for our loyal patronage. The team at Gifford Carr is top shelf. They listen. They work hard to find us the right coverage at the best rates. They spend the time to understand our company and our needs, and they're always there when we need them. Just sayin'."

Kelly Mulrooney

"A great thank you to Gifford Carr and in particular Brenda Cavanagh. Her customer service is fantastic. I have a lot to deal with regarding my Mum who is in my brain gets full! Brenda keeps me straight and makes sure we are fully covered. Brenda and the whole Gifford team are top notch. Thanks so much!"

Fiona McGregor & John Nuthers

"I have worked with Trish Watson for the past 12 and a half years that I have worked as a Condominium Manager at PMA Realty Consulting Ltd. Trish has not only always been professional to deal with, but has gone that extra mile more times than I can count, or can thank her for. Anytime, one of my Corporations needed anything, including early renewal quotes, clarification on wording or understanding their policy, amongst other items, Trish provided this information immediately and without delay. Trish is extremely knowledgeable in her field, wonderfully pleasant, and a huge asset to all of my Corporations that have her as their insurance broker."

Christine Rausch

I have been a client of Gifford Carr for many years now. I have experienced the most professional and exceptional service from Karen Benell and the team. I have purchased a range of insurance products, from personal to commercial insurance. I have submitted claims on all unfortunately, but the service I received from each incident was bar none. Me and my family were taken care of each and every time with the most professional and caring service. Karen will go to market and get me the best price out there for the best coverage each time. I have my utmost faith in Gifford associates and I am very fortunate to be working with them. I sleep well at night knowing that I have the proper coverage if disaster ever struck.

Mohamad Ahmad, Barakat Market

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At Gifford Carr, we understand that your time is valuable and we want to make the process of getting insurance as convenient as possible for you. Simply fill out the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a detailed quote.