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Our team provides exceptional expertise across all facets of insurance. We strongly believe in providing sound, thoughtful, customized solutions for our clients. And it is the combination of our knowledge, care and service that keeps those clients coming back.

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Account Executives

Our team


Elizabeth Pedlar x 315
Jagger Sampson x 535
Kathryn O’Donnell x 318 Receptionist
Trish Nesrallah x 534 Broker | Branch Manager

Commercial account managers

Camille Bieman x 546 Broker | Courtier
Jennifer Dunn x 321 Broker
Jennifer Jones x 314 Broker
Mandy Gilmour x 326 Broker
Melissa Markell x 301 Broker
Trish Watson x 335 Broker

Commercial account administration

Danielle Myres x 347 Broker
Elizabeth Pedlar x 315
Megan O’Donnell x 329

Personal account managers

Andree Crawford x 342 Broker
Ashley Pelton x 531 Broker
Candice Moffitt x 343 Broker
Lee Mandigo x 532 Broker
Madeleine Ayres x 320 Broker
Melissa Traversy x 539 Broker
Patricia Routhier x 538 Broker
Sean Benson x 530 Broker
Tara Nelson x 524 Broker

Personal account administration

Amy Blais x 328
Jagger Sampson x 535
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