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Snowmobile Insurance

Snowmobile Insurance
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Life in Ontario means winter weather for much of the year, and for many Ontarians it also means snowmobile season. By ensuring the protection of your equipment and having coverage, should you injure yourself or others, you can hit the great wide snowy open with confidence.


What does snowmobile insurance cover?

For snowmobile insurance, you can purchase specific coverage for your type of sled. A standard package will include collision, comprehensive, bodily injury liability and property damage liability. Snowmobile insurance must contain the following minimum coverages:

  • Third Party Liability Coverage of at least $200,000 protects you if a third party is killed, injured, or has their property damaged. If you are sued, this coverage pays the claim up to the limit of your coverage as well as the cost of settling the claims.
  • Statutory Accident Benefits Coverage provides supplementary medical, rehabilitation, attendant care, caregiver, non-earner, income replacement, and dental benefits if you are killed or injured in an accident, regardless of the party responsible.
  • Direct Compensation – Property Damage (DCPD) Coverage pays for the damage to your vehicle and its contents, if another party is at fault for an accident that occurs in Ontario and if the driver is insured by an insurance company licensed in Ontario.
  • Uninsured Automobile Coverage provides financial compensation of up to $25,000 for you and your family if you are injured or killed by an unidentified driver or by an uninsured motorist. This also covers damage to your vehicle caused by an unidentified driver.

Is snowmobile insurance required?

In Ontario, snowmobile insurance is mandatory unless you are driving your vehicle on your property. Even if you only ride your vehicle for a short time (though with Ontario winters lasting longer you will definitely have more riding time), many experts agree that a full year policy is worth the cost for full protection even when your snowmobile is not in use.

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