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Are you paying more than you have to for insurance? Most Canadians are.

That’s why it’s important to use an insurance broker to find the best rates for you. At Gifford Carr Insurance, it’s our mission to find an insurance solution that is both tailored to our clients’ needs and that will also save them money!

How are we different from an agent who works for an insurance company? Gifford Carr Insurance is a licensed independent brokerage that has access to policies and plans offered all across Canada. That means we don’t work with just one insurance provider, we work with all of the most reputable providers in Burlington and Canada-wide to provide you with insurance solutions that fit your exact needs.

Even if you think you have the best rates, it’s worth talking to one of our brokers to make sure you aren’t missing out. We have direct access to all the best market rates right now for all the coverages that you need for your home, rental unit, car, motorcycle, snowmobile, business, and more.

Personal Insurance Burlington

We can help you feel confident that the coverage you have is the best for your needs and budget. Our team of insurance brokers will find the best home insurance rate by comparing quotes and terms from all the leading providers across the country. Renting a home? There’s a tenant insurance policy out there that will best suit your needs and we can find it. We also have dedicated car insurance brokers who can get you the lowest rates for your car, motorcycle or snowmobile, even if you’re a new driver.

Business Insurance Burlington

Join thousands of your neighbours who are already protecting their businesses from theft, damage, vandalism, cyber threats and lawsuits. Our team of insurance brokers will find you the right business insurance policy to protect your business from all types of risks that could jeopardize your success. We partner with leading Canadian insurance companies to provide you with the best rates and most comprehensive coverage possible. From errors and omissions insurance and directors and officers insurance to commercial general liability insurance, we will arrange the policy you need to protect you from losses due to unforeseen events.

We make it quick and easy to switch your insurance! We’ll do all the work for you – get a free insurance quote right here, right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Burlington insurance broker do?
Our insurance brokers work with you to identify your potential risks and help you choose the right coverage based on those risks as well as your individual needs. They will discuss and advise on the insurance products available and take care of any amendments that might be needed. They will also help you submit a claim and work with both you and the insurance provider to find the best solution.

Why should I work with an insurance broker?
An insurance broker will ensure you have adequate protection for both personal and business needs. Without a broker, you may end up with unexpected costs whether you have the wrong type of insurance or don’t have the proper coverage. Our insurance brokers are extremely knowledgeable, take a tailored approach and will recommend the most cost-effective insurance solutions for you.

What’s the difference between an insurance agent and an insurance broker?
An insurance agent represents and works for specific insurance companies. This means they can only provide you will insurance products that their providers offer. An insurance broker, on the other hand, does not work for insurance companies, they work for you. They are independent and obligated to work in the best interest of their clients, providing unbiased advice, guidance and solutions based on personal and business needs.

Do I have to pay a fee when working with an insurance broker?
No. Insurance brokers get paid by the insurance companies, not by their clients.

Is Burlington tenant insurance mandatory?
While tenant insurance is not mandatory in Ontario, it’s highly recommended to protect your valuables and belongings if you are living in a rental property. Note, if you’re a student living either on or off campus and are renting on a temporary basis, you will be covered under your parents’ insurance.

What are the mandatory requirements for Burlington car insurance?Ontario drivers must have the following coverages included in their car insurance policy: Third-Party Liability, Accident Benefits, Direct Compensation Property Damage, and Uninsured Automobile Coverage. Reach out to us to learn specifically what’s required for your vehicle, needs and location.

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        Complete the form to connect with your local Gifford Carr broker to get a detailed quote. Trust us to ensure you are protected. So you can focus on what matters.