Hospitality Insurance

Hospitality Insurance

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Insurance for the hospitality industry is no set menu.

Each business operation is unique. Running a restaurant business includes oversight on everything everything from your equipment in the kitchen and the tables and chairs on the floor to your food in the fridge and stock behind the bar and in the wine cellar. Protecting what matters most to you is our top priority. Put the right team in your corner. We are your local broker.

From chip trucks and pop up restaurants to hotel properties across Canada and tour operators, the hospitality industry is unique. Coverage provided by an insurance policy specifically prepared for hospitality can include property, crime, business interruption and liability, depending on the needs of your business.

We understand that restaurant and hotel operations, especially with the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic, go well beyond serving patrons on your property. From take out counters, and food trucks to catering and event services, and sport venues, restaurant and hospitality coverage can be designed around your business needs.

Hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts are made for fun and relaxation—but for the owner/operator it’s a 24/7 business. There are specific coverages available to help protect your business, so like you take care of your guests, we can take care of your insurance needs. Rest easy knowing you are working with a local broker who understands your business. So at the end of the day, you can put your feet up too.

Opening a private members club or sporting and event venue?
For businesses like golf courses, arenas, yacht and tennis clubs where your main operations are not primarily about Food & Beverage service, connect with your local broker.

Many times these types of businesses have more packaged coverage available to support your overall business operations. These packages would consider if you are providing food and beverage service to your members and guests as a part of your operations.

Consider your local broker as one of your back of house (BOH) teammates.
With the right insurance you can focus solely on building your business. Put your trust in us, we’ll have your worst-case scenario, covered. Protecting what matters, that’s what we’re here for.

Hospitality businesses we work with:

  • Restaurants
  • Diners
  • Coffee House and Roasters
  • Bakeries
  • Brewery, Distillery and Wineries
  • Boutique Hotels & Motels
  • Food trucks
  • Catering Services
  • Golf Courses and Clubhouse
  • Yacht, Sailing Curling and Tennis Clubs with F&B outlets
  • Sport and Event Venues with F&B outlets


What is Business Interruption coverage and how does it work?

In the event of a loss to your business location, if your income is impacted, business interruption can help cover off your core ongoing expenses as a business owner. These are the expenses that are still due even when not able to operate, plus your profit. What this coverage does not replace, is business revenue for regular operations.

This type of coverage is typically always tied to bricks and mortar business location. Pandemics, and similar outbreak events, typically do not fall into this coverage.

How much do I need to insure my contents for?

The question many business owners ask is “do you insure for what it costs to buy or what it costs to replace your contents”?

The answer, what it costs to replace your contents. Why? Because if you’re insured for one fifth of the cost to replace, then any loss that you have is going to be based on the one fifth. It’s the principal of co-insurance. Questions about co-insurance? Check out the next FAQ.

What is Co-Insurance?

This is where you, as the business owner, choose to under insurer to such an extent that you become a co-insurer on every loss.

What does that mean in real talk; without the right value of insurance for your content/business needs you become a co-insurer on the difference in coverage. If your content are worth $1 million and your insure for $500,000, you become co-insurer on that additional $500,000.

You don’t want to be underinsured and you don’t want to be over-insurered. Connect with your local broker to find the right balance for your business needs.

F&B is not my main operation but a part of my business, what coverage do I need?

Let’s talk about the main activities and operations for your business, running a members activity club? You may have options for coverage in packages tailored for golf, yacht, sailing or tennis clubs and the inherent exposure for your business operations, beyond the hospitality aspect.

Connect with your local broker to learn more!

Do I need special event coverage?

If you’re hosting large events like family reunions, retirement parties or weddings, you’ll want to consider adding Host Liquor Liability Insurance (or event liability). This isn’t for your average backyard BBQ. This coverage should be considered when a larger guest list makes it more difficult to monitor everyone’s alcohol intake, but it’s always best to connect with your broker first to confirm if it is needed for your event.

This one-off policy can be acquired for a specific period of time and can protect you (the host) from injury or property damage claims against where alcohol was the determining factor and you are found negligent. Although Host Liquor Liability Insurance policy isn’t required by law, it’s highly encouraged.

Learn more about the ins and outs of liquor liability coverage in our recent blog.

What is the difference between festival and special event coverage?

Festival and event insurance differ in a few ways; festival insurance is considered for any special event that is longer than one day in duration.


Because of the scope of the festival, cancellation coverage is typically included in festival coverage as festivals have a broader scope of offerings and multiple days making the reasons for cancellation coverage a risk to be covered. 

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          Commercial Property

          Commercial Property

          A fundamental coverage for the bricks and mortar of your business.

          In broad terms, this coverage protects your buildings, contents and inventory. This means everything that is used for business, that doesn’t leave the shop, is covered under contents and equipment in your property liability policy.

          Commercial General Liability

          Commercial General Liability

          An essential for all business operations.

          Icon Market
          Icon Market

          In the event of property damage or bodily harm caused by you, your business or your employees to a third party, a comprehensive Commercial General Liability Insurance policy should protect you from litigation, out-of-court settlements, and judgements awarded by the courts.

          Learn more about Commercial General Liability Insurance.

          Commercial Vehicle

          Commercial Vehicle

          If you move your products and services to and from event sites, you require transportation.

          For the vehicles you own, commercial vehicle insurance protects you for the same coverage as your regular car insurance policy – but it covers you at a greater extent because you are likely on the road with your commercial vehicle more frequently for your business operations – which means it higher risk.

          Delivering for Uber? Different terms apply, check out our blog.

          Do have more than 5 vehicles for your business? You may qualify for Fleet Insurance.

          Cyber Liability

          Cyber Liability

          Cyber coverage beyond the computers and data storage.

          Icon Computer
          Icon Computer

          With POS systems, online ordering platforms, reservation systems and websites all a part of todays regular hospitality operations, cyber liability coverage is increasingly important for hospitality operations.

          When taking personal information (known in insurance as PII, personal identification information) from your guests, having protection for that data is important in our increasingly digital world.

          Learn more about Cyber Liability Insurance.

          Equipment Breakdown

          Equipment Breakdown

          This can cover a number of things from furnace and boiler to your stove and refrigerator.

          For the hospitality industry, a big element to protect is your refrigerators and the contents in it along with your grills, deep friers and cooktops. They are the tools of your trade. These pieces of equipment are critical to your business operation, it’s important to ensure they are covered in the event of a loss or damage to mechanical or electrical equipment, so you can rebound from a breakdown.

          Liquor Liability

          Liquor Liability

          A part of your commercial general liability policy.

          When insuring your business, if serving alcohol you need to let your broker know so they can prepare terms within your general liability policy to cover your exposure, meaning property damage or bodily harm caused by you, your business or your employees to a third party, when liquor is involved.

          Member Clubs

          Member Clubs

          From Golf Courses and Curling Clubs to Sailing, Yacht and Tennis – member based clubs have exposure, outside of food & beverage, inherent with their business operations.

          Business Condo Icon
          Business Condo Icon

          Beyond the hospitality operations, these types of activity businesses have added exposures inherent to their services. From docks, marine, environmental and rogue balls (Fore!) to swimming pools, saunas, tennis and pickle ball courts, many of these types of clubs (Golf, Yacht, Sailing, Curling and Tennis) can find coverage solutions in packages tailored to their business needs.

          Connect with your local broker to learn more.