Commercial Vehicle and Fleet Insurance

Commercial Vehicle and Fleet Insurance

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Have multiple commercial vehicles for your business?

If you or your business own and/or lease more than four vehicles, fleet insurance can enable you to cover all your vehicles under one comprehensive policy. This type of coverage may include temporary vehicle replacement and a liability extension to rented vehicles.And, it can provide opportuniies to save with multiple commercial vehical insurance policies.

One or multiple cars, big fleets, or trucks – no matter the kind of wheels your business relies on, we should talk about commercial insurance. Where to start?

Commercial vehicle insurance

In Ontario, when you look up commercial vehicle insurance you’ll likely find a term called IRCA. What does IRCA mean? Individually Rated Commercial Auto (IRCA) Insurance. With this coverage your vehicles are rated individually, more similar to a personal auto policy – with the consideration that your vehicle is being used for business purposes. This coverage can cover costs of damages to your insured vehicle used for business purposes, including cars, vans, trucks, ATVs and trailers.

Fleet insurance

When you have four or more company vehicles in Ontario, you can typically qualify for fleet insurance. What does that mean? You can insure multiple commercial vehicles under one insurance policy, which can be easer to manage and provide considerable savings as your fleet expands – which can mean saving money on commercial insurance, per vehicles, as you scale up your fleet operations. 

Work with an expert who understands your business.

Downtime of a vehicle has major impacts on your business. Working with a broker who has experience supporting fleet and transportation clients means you have an advisor on your team that understands the risks and the coverages you need to guard your livelihood, and get you back out on the road in the event of a claim as quickly as possible.

There is a lot more to quoting a Tractor Trailer, Dump Truck, Specialty Equipped Truck, or School Bus operations compared to a regular car. Our team understands that. When it comes to commercial vehicle insurance in Ontario, whether it’s one or a multi-vehicle fleet, we have you protected. 

An experienced insurance broker can make a big difference in your business. Our insurance experts will do an assessment based on your specific business needs and tailor the coverage you need to protect your operation and will be straightforward with what you don’t.


    • School Buses
    • Motorcoaches
    • Dump Trucks
    • Tow Trucks
    • Milk Trucks
    • Tankers
    • Couriers
    • Transport Trucks
    • Sand & Gravel Trucks
    • Long Haul Trucks
    • Delivery Trucks (Wholesale &Retail)
    • General Freight
    • Refrigerated Trucks
    • Logging Trucks
    (more than 5 cars/trucks in your business operations)


  • Number of vehicles
  • Industry and location(s) your business operates in
  • Annual mileage of each vehicle
  • Where vehicles are typically parked or stored
  • What your vehicle(s) are used for (transporting goods, people, or both)
  • Past claims
  • Driver experience
  • Details  and safety records in your CVOR certificate


What are the main factors driving my premium?

Insurance companies base your premium on several factors including your age, driving record, radius of operation, years of verifiable experience, what you are hauling, age of equipment, your previous claims experience, and CVOR (Ontario) to name a few. 

With so many variables and so many insurance companies rating individual operations differently, it’s important to find the best priced policy and needed coverages for you. And if your operation extends across borders to the United States of America, have the correct fillings done if required.

How is my cargo covered?

Different types of cargo—grain, lumber, dairy, produce, steel, hazmat, sand and gravel, etc.  —each possess different risks. Your transportation insurance broker should understand exactly what you are hauling and offer a broad form Motor Truck Cargo to cover you when necessary.

If you don’t have a broad form cargo policy, you should know exactly what loss scenarios are not covered.

Do I need special insurance for refrigerated goods?

Yes. It’s a rider we add to your Motor Truck Cargo Coverage called Reefer Breakdown.

Reefer Breakdown coverage is also required if you are transporting fresh food, meats, dairy, etc. with a refrigerated truck and/or trailer.

How does my CVOR affect my insurance premium?

Right now, CVORs are an integral part of your fleet business in Ontario.

Having a broker that understands the ins and outs of your CVOR and is able to help best place your coverage to have the policy suited for your needs can be a game changer. Our team of experts has the experience to understand your business and connect you with the industry partners that can help get you organized and on the road.

Keep your business moving.

Let’s talk about your business.

Your Broker needs to understand the risks you face and coverages you need to guard your livelihood.
An experienced broker can make a big difference in your business.

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        Complete the form to connect with your local Gifford Carr broker to get a detailed quote. Trust us to ensure you are protected. So you can focus on what matters.

          Permission to Carry Passenger

          Permission to Carry Passenger

          Otherwise known as Passenger Hazard, when the passengers are your cargo.

          Otherwise excluded from general auto policies, this coverage is an endorsement added to extend your vehicle coverage allowing you to transport passengers for compensation. Meaning you are protected to in the event of property damage or bodily harm caused by you, your business or your employees to a third party while transporting people from point A to to point B as a part of your business operation. 

          Commercial Auto Liability

          Commercial Auto Liability

          The core of your business needs to be properly protected.

          Working with a broker who understand your business ensures you have the proper coverage in place including the appropriate liability limits and consideration for risk management and strategic planning in your business to ensure your most valued assets are protected. 

          Commercial General Liability

          Commercial General Liability

          An essential for all business operations.

          Commercial General Liability Icon
          Commercial General Liability Icon

          In the event of property damage or bodily harm caused by you, your business or your employees to a third party, a comprehensive Commercial General Liability Insurance policy should protect you from litigation, out-of-court settlements, and judgements awarded by the courts.

          Learn more about Commercial General Liability.

          Commercial Property Liability

          Commercial Property Liability

          A fundamental coverage for the bricks and mortar of your shop.

          business buildings, commercial property insurance icon
          business buildings, commercial property insurance icon

          In broad terms, this coverage protects your buildings, contents and inventory. This means everything that is used for business, that doesn’t leave the shop, is covered under contents and equipment in your property liability policy.

          Wharehouseman’s legal liability

          Wharehouseman’s legal liability

          A must for retail and wholesale operations.

          This coverage protects stock, customers goods in the care custody and control of the transportation operation, while it’s in the warehouse.