RV and Travel Trailer Insurance

RV and Travel Trailer Insurance
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Ready to take your recreational vehicle, camper trailer, pop-up trailer, or fifth wheel on the road less traveled?

Whether you pack up your RV for a scenic road trip or take it to your weekend escape destination, we have your home on wheels protected. Put your trust in Gifford Carr Insurance Group, we protect RV living.

RVs can be insured under both an Auto and a Home (property) form. What does that mean? Though similar, different standard coverages would apply to each type. For example, on a property form guaranteed replacement cost terms are more widely available, whereas an auto form would typically base a settlement on actual cash value at the time of the loss. These are terms to be aware of when deciding on your RV coverage.

Types of RVs we cover:

  • Motorhome (Class A, B, or C)
  • Towed Trailer (ie, tent trailer, horse/stock, camper unit, toy hauler, or fifth wheel)
  • Stationary Trailer (ie, park model/permanently parked trailer)

Factors considered in your RV Coverage:

  • Market value and age of the RV
  • Emergency vacation expense
  • Proximity to waterfront
  • Sewer backup and flood coverage requirements
  • Where you are taking your RV
  • Liability needed (ie, already included as a part of your property policy, or does it require an added extension)

From the most compact to the Class A RV, Gifford Carr has you covered. Ask our brokers about RV Insurance tailored for your needs. Our brokers will get you set up with the coverage you need so you can enjoy all the scenic views and new destinations your next road trip has to offer.

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I'm taking my RV down south, do I need different coverage over the border?

How long are you taking your RV out of the country? Most insurance companies provide coverage for your cross-border road trip for up to 180 days with the same coverage you have here in Canada. But, it is important to review the exact terms of your policy to ensure this extension of your coverage applies. Before you pull out of the driveway, contact your local broker first to confirm your coverage details.

Some insurance companies will also insure your stationary trailer parked over the border within a set distance. Always best to connect with your broker to find the insurance solutions best fit for you!

I am thinking about RV living permanently, what do I need to consider? 

In today’s more modern work world, the RV lifestyle does not need to be confined to vacations or weekend activities. If you have decided to take your show on the road full time, you will need to review your liability coverage.

When you move from weekend warrior to full-time RV living, you will likely want to increase your contents coverage as more of your prized possessions will be stored in the RV as well as your third-party liability as you will be spending more time on the open road.

What kind of RV can you drive with an Ontario G class driver's license?

In July 2011, the Ontario Government confirmed drivers can tow recreational vehicles (RVs) if they have a full class G license. This made it easier for Ontarians to hit the open road in their RVs (and saved owners the additional license costs), as long as:

  • The combined weight of the motor vehicle and RV is not more than the current 11,000 kg limit
  • The RV is attached to the motor vehicle by a fifth-wheel hook-up
  • Only one vehicle is being towed
  • The RV meets Transport Canada manufacturing standards
  • The RV is being towed for personal use only.

Find more information on the provincial guidelines here. It is important to note, you will want to check with local guidelines when traveling out of province or across the border.

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Bundle it! – Let’s talk about your multi-policy discount!

Get bigger savings, and more full-some coverage, when you insure more than your RV or travel trailer. Ask your broker about the options to bundle all your insurance needs. Learn more about all the insurance solutions with Gifford Carr by selecting one of the options below.

Personal Insurance Services

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        Complete the form to connect with your local Gifford Carr broker to get a detailed quote. Trust us to ensure you are protected. So you can focus on what matters.

          RV Package

          RV Package

          An RV package is a comprehensive form that includes your All Risk coverage.

          Your personal property, RV contents are included in your standard package. In addition to the standard inclusions of an All Risk form, you can consider adding coverage for things like sewer backup, disappearing deductible, and additional emergency roadside assistance and/or emergency vacation expenses.

          If you have a golf cart to get around the campground or trailer park, talk to your broker about adding it to your schedule of insured contents or consider additional liability coverage where needed.

          Detached Structures

          Detached Structures

          Generally, there is a low limit already included in the standard package.

          If you have added structures like a deck, shed, or gazebo (ie additional structures not connected to the RV) it is best to review with your broker to ensure they are properly protected in your RV policy.

          Rental Network Endorsement

          Rental Network Endorsement

          When listing your RV for rent you will need to add the extension to your policy.

          This extension of your policy covers you as the “Landlord” to your RV when renting it out on a professional rental network (ie, RVezy, Outdoorsy, RVshare). The rental network needs to be insured and maintain coverage during the rental period. So listing your RV for rent on your social networking sites would not be applicable and would likely void your insurance coverage when rented out.