Landscaping Insurance for Contractors

March 17, 2022
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With spring around the corner, landscapers, tree trimmers, lawn care specialists, and landscape architects or designers are gearing up for a busy season. Many Canadians will begin to prepare for projects to elevate their outdoor living spaces and look to the experts to create their unique slice of paradise.

As with any contract work, it is crucial for business owners to ensure they have adequate coverage in place before beginning work. Such insurance coverage protects the landscaper, their business, and their employees against any risks that may arise from the line of work.

The temperatures are rising, which makes now an ideal time for landscapers and contractors working in outdoor maintenance to review current insurance policies and identify possible gaps in coverage.

Landscapers in the trades industry know that protecting their business against unexpected damages and loss is a vital part of business management. The needs of each business are unique and, as such, often require a combination of various insurances, should anything go awry on or off the job site. Such coverages may include:

  • Commercial general liability,
  • Commercial vehicles,
  • Installation and tool floater,
  • Builders risk, and more.

From independent general contractors to larger teams, a local insurance broker can work with you to find landscaping insurance solutions available. As insurance experts, they will ensure coverage suits the needs of your team and the scope of services provided.

General liability landscaping insurance

Commercial general liability insurance may cover you against claims for injury or property damage to others arising from your contractor or construction activities. 

Should you, or a worker, cause damages to client property, commercial general liability insurance is in place to cover the cost of any repairs necessary. 

Commercial vehicles landscaping insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance protects licensed vehicles such as pickup trucks, service vehicles, dump trucks, and trailers. When contractors and construction businesses travel from their primary location to the job site, out for lunch or anywhere in between, commercial vehicle insurance offers coverage for several types of incidents.

Does your landscaping business have more than five vehicles? You may qualify for Fleet Insurance.

Which may result in savings for having multiple policies.

Installation and tool floater landscaping insurance

Installation floater insurance covers any materials or items (e.g. plants, garden rocks, etc.) not yet put in. If these items are lost, damaged or stolen before they make it to the project site or in transit, installation floater insurance will cover the cost of replacement.

Similarly, tool floater insurance covers tools from site to site. Unlike installation floater insurance, there are a couple of ways to establish construction tool floater insurance for landscapers:

1. A blanket amount for all the tools you carry with you with a maximum limit per individual tool.

2. Insure based on a scheduled limit per tool. As a business owner, you provide what each item is worth, and an insurance broker will identify each item to the insurance company.

While the term ‘tool’ is a broad term, it must be clear that tools vary from equipment in terms of an insurance policy. Where tools are considered items valued up to $1,000, such as saws and drills, equipment includes items of higher monetary value, such as bulldozers and power generators.

Builder’s risk landscaping insurance

Also known as construction insurance in Ontario, builder’s risk insurance covers homes under construction, renovation, or repair from direct damage. It provides continued coverage to property owners and builders for the project duration.

Similar to building and personal property coverage, builder’s risk insurance offers coverage against weather events that may affect a home. The difference is that this type of insurance is specifically for the duration of a project.

Individuals who offer landscaping services require unique coverage to protect their business from damages and losses on a job site. Our commercial insurance experts understand these risks and help you find the right coverage. Trust in Gifford Carr to protect what matters most, so you can do what you do best: build your business. 

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