Why you need tenant insurance in ottawa

June 24, 2019
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A look at the many reasons why having tenant insurance in Ottawa is worth it

About half of Canadian renters don’t have tenant insurance. Generally, there are two reasons for this:

  • They don’t think their belongings are worth insuring; or
  • They assume they have a low chance of losing belongings to a fire, flood, or theft.

Put simply, many renters believe it’s not worth it to pay for tenant insurance. But consider, for a moment, the cost associated with replacing your belongings. Compared to that expense, tenant insurance in Ottawa is a low-cost investment that provides real protection from the high costs of replacing belongings, paying for damages, and legal liability.

While tenant insurance isn’t mandatory in Ontario, a landlord has the right to ask for proof of insurance in the lease when renting to a tenant. And if a tenant doesn’t provide proof within a specified period, the landlord has the right to evict that tenant. Landlords often require proof of tenant insurance as an added precaution. Insured tenants are less of a headache, especially if tenants cover the costs of damages.

But even if your landlord doesn’t require tenant insurance, you still might want to consider coverage. Aside from your own peace of mind, here are several important reasons why you should check out tenant insurance in Ottawa:


You might not think your belongings have much value. Maybe you’re just out of school with a few hand-me-down pieces of furniture. We’ve all been there! But imagine if all your belongings disappeared and you had to replace everything. How much would that cost? Your TV, computer, couch, and bed are all big expenses. And then there’s your entire wardrobe, jackets, boots, jewelry, dishes, artwork, instruments, lamps, tables, electronics, and everything you have relied on for comfortable living.

Losing your belongings to the unexpected is a very real possibility. But if your belongings are insured, you will be able to replace most of these high-cost items without dipping into your bank account or racking up debt.


In the event of damage to your home from a fire or accident that renders your home unsafe to live in, tenant insurance will cover your temporary accommodations and living expenses. You can stay at a hotel until all the smoke damage is cleared, renovations are made, and your home is safe to return to.

Sometimes this can be a lengthy wait, and the costs of living in a hotel can really add up. So instead of worrying about high out-of-pocket expenses, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll still have a roof over your head when needed, and you won’t have to rely on friends and family for a couch to sleep on.


Your landlord’s home insurance covers damage to property, but not the contents of your home. So even though your building is insured, you and your belongings don’t have coverage. Aside from covering the cost of your belongings, tenant insurance also covers the costs of damage that you may be directly or indirectly responsible for.


Tenants can be held responsible to cover the costs of damages they may have inadvertently caused. For example, if you’ve left a tap on, your sink or bath can overflow with water. This, in turn, causes water damage to your rental unit or another tenant’s home. Costly water damage might also include the costs of replacing the tenant’s TV or other belongings damaged by the water.

The same responsibility falls on you if your toaster oven catches fire, or you accidentally cause any other damage to the building and other tenants’ belongings. Instead of paying for a small mistake, your insurance covers the costs for you, helping you avoid a significant financial burden.

While the chances of fire, theft, or water damage in your home may seem low, there’s still a chance. But tenant’s insurance gets you peace of mind knowing that any possible costs related to damage and property loss won’t come out of your pocket. Tenant insurance is a low-cost investment that is absolutely worth it, helping you avoid financial burdens that add up quickly.

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