Gifford Carr plants 5000 trees with Gore Mutual to Support Kivi Park in Sudbury, Ontario

June 8, 2023
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Sudbury, Ontario | June 09, 2023

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Gore Mutual, one of Canada’s oldest property and casualty insurance companies, as part of our commitment to make a positive impact on the local community. The partnership is built in support of Kivi Park, an invaluable community green space in Sudbury, Ontario.

Gifford Carr’s collaboration with Gore Mutual is rooted in a shared belief that businesses have a vital role to play in fostering social responsibility and building strong local communities. Through their Foundation, Gore Mutual partners with local brokers in their Brokers For Good program to create lasting and meaningful change in the communities their broker partners serve. The partnership with Gifford Carr enables the partners to enhance the well-being of the Sudbury community with access and funding to local treasure, Kivi Park.

Nestled in the heart of Sudbury, Kivi Park spans over 450 acres. This green space provides a wide range of recreational opportunities for residents of all ages. From hiking and cross-country ski trails to sports facilities and community programming, the park does it all. Kivi Park serves as a vibrant hub for outdoor activities, fostering a sense of community and well-being. Recognizing the positive impact of Kivi Park on the local community, Gifford Carr and Gore Mutual have joined forces to support its ongoing development and maintenance.

Under the visionary leadership of Executive Director, Kerry Lamarche, Kivi Park has become a symbol of community pride and environmental stewardship. The park’s ongoing initiatives focus on promoting sustainability, conserving natural resources, and nurturing a deep appreciation for the great Canadian outdoors. Through partnerships with organizations like Gifford Carr, Kivi Park continues to evolve and expand, enriching the lives of local Sudbury residents.

Larmache expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with Gifford Carr and Gore Mutual in our shared mission to enhance the quality of life in Sudbury. Their support will enable us to further develop our facilities, create meaningful programming, and continue our dedication to environmental conservation. Together, we can make Kivi Park an even more vibrant and sustainable space for the entire community to enjoy.”

To mark the beginning of this partnership, Gifford Carr and Gore Mutual participated in the annual tree-planting event, A&M Grow with Kivi, planting nearly 5000 trees in Kivi Park. The afternoon supported the collective commitment to environmental impact and preservation of our natural green space. The tree planting initiative not only contributed to the beautification of Kivi Park but also fostered a sense of environmental awareness and responsibility among all the participating volunteers!

Gifford Carr is thrilled to align its values with the Gore Mutual Foundation, as both organizations share a vision for building stronger, more resilient communities. 

We are proud to have built this partnership with Gore Mutal to support Kivi Park. We know how much it means to the local community and our Sudbury team. I’ve visited this park many times with my family. It’s a great initiative and a special spot to connect with the community, Gifford Carr’s President, Matthew Carr, stated, With the fires currently blazing across the province – let alone the country – we are reminded how important it is to invest in and maintain green space like this. Not only from a community aspect as a place to gather and get outdoors but as an economy and shared climate. We look forward to working closely with Kivi Park and Gore Mutual to create a lasting impact in Sudbury.”

Gifford Carr’s partnership with Gore Mutual and our commitment to supporting Kivi Park reflects a deep understanding of the importance of community engagement, environmental preservation, and social responsibility. (Insider scoop, you’ll see a Gifford Carr lookout on the Kivi Park ridge soon!). By working together, we aim to inspire positive change and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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Protecting what matters. Sounds simple but it is the philosophy at Gifford Carr Insurance Group. With over 75 years of experience, Gifford Carr is your insurance resource. As your trusted advocates, their knowledgeable team delivers both business and personal insurance solutions. Gifford Carr is an independent insurance brokerage. Fully licensed across Canada, they combine the warm, family feel of a local business you trust with the big city convenience of access to insurance solutions nationwide. They are committed to supporting the local areas they serve across Ontario in charitable and community-building initiatives. Learn more about how Gifford Carr gives back to the local community here: https://giffordcarr.ca/gc-gives-back/

About Gore Mutual

Gore Mutual, founded in 1839, is one of Canada’s oldest property and casualty insurance companies. As a mutual company, it is owned by its policyholders and guided by a mission to protect the people, homes, and businesses of Canada. Gore Mutual is committed to fostering social good through its Foundation, directing resources and expertise toward initiatives that align with their sustainable development goals. Learn more about the Gore Mutal purpose initiatives here: https://www.goremutual.ca/purpose/

About Kivi Park

Kivi Park is a unique charity offering over 480 acres of land to be explored and enjoyed in Greater Sudbury. The park offers a diverse range of recreational and educational opportunities for individuals and families. The 55.7km trail network is maintained year-round for activities like hiking, mountain biking, fat biking, snowshoeing, and both classic cross-country skiing and skate skiing. The park can be explored by water at Crowley Lake where canoe, kayak, and SUP rentals are available. And the magic of Kivi at night is found at Nina’s Way skate path, a lit-up winding path through Kivi’s forest throughout the winter. With a focus on environmental sustainability and inclusivity, Kivi Park strives to create a welcoming and engaging environment where the community can come together to enjoy nature and embrace an active lifestyle. Learn more about Kivi Park here: https://kivipark.com/

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